M2 is the newest 3D printer from MakerGear. It has been designed to be fast, precise, and reliable.


Build area is 8"x10"x8" (200mmx250mmx200mm)
Prints 1.75mm filament, with a .35mm nozzle (other nozzle sizes are available).
Average layer height, .2mm.
Minimum layer height, limited by how much time you want to spend - smallest successful print so far is .02mm. .01mm is attainable with patience and fine calibration of slicing settings.
Heated build platform is a polyimide heater, attached to an anodized aluminum heat spreader, with a borosilicate glass surface. Heater maintains 110C easily, allowing printing in both PLA and ABS.
The newest hotend (v4) is operable to 290ºC. Older models are as follows: v3b (discontinued August 2015) 250ºC, v3a (before 2013) 220ºC.
Powered by a brand new motherboard, RAMBo. Details below.

M2 Getting Started
M2 Technical Guide
Printer operations
M2 Lubrication
M2 Sample Prints
M2 Components
M2 Electronics
M2 Firmware
M2 LCD Panel
M2 Extruder
M2 Hotend Assembly
Basic configuration files for slic3r and M2 are available at slicers.


For upgrading a 19V/12V M2 to run on a single 24V PSU, Fan Rewiring.