M2 Components

Note: all renders on this page are colored flat gray for clarity. All printed parts are black, most machine parts are black, and hardware can be stainless steel (bright silver) or black oxide (matte black).

Printed Parts

To download a .stl file from Github, open the .stl "page" and then click on "Raw" in the top right corner of the preview pane; if the .stl opens in your browser as text, click on "File", "Save Page As" (or your browser's equivalent) to save the .stl file to your computer.

Printed Parts
Part Name Description Github link Part Render
Belt Clamp Attaches belt to X or Y carriage Belt Clamp belt_clamp.png
Extruder Motor Mount Mounts extruder motor to X carriage Extruder Motor Mount emm.png
Extruder Motor Mount Top Covers extruder harness Extruder Motor Mount Cover emm_top.png
Fan Bracket Mounts 50mm bed fan to 40mm extruder fan Fan Bracket fan_bracket.png
Filament Drive Holds hotend, and mounts to extruder motor Filament Drive filament_drive.png
Spool Holder Mounts to side of frame, to hold filament spool Spool Holder spool_holder.png
X Endstop Wire Cover Protects X endstop wires, and guides filament from spool X Endstop Wire Cover x_endstop_wire_cover.png
X Endstop Trigger Mounts to X carriage, contacts X endstop X Endstop Trigger x_trigger.png
Z Endstop Body Holds Z endstop and indicator LED Z Endstop Body z_endstop_body.png
Z Endstop Clamp Clamps Z endstop body to rear smooth Z rod Z Endstop Clamp z_endstop_clamp.png
Z Knob Clamps to top of Z leadscrew z_knob.png


In the below list, a bolt or screw is defined by M*x^, where M* is the thread size (M3, M4, etc.), and ^ is the length in mm, not including the height of the bolt head. A part labeled "M3x20" means that the thread profile is M3, and the length of the non-head portion is 20mm.

Part Name Notes Part Render
M2 Nut m2_nut.png
M2 Washer m2_washer.png
M2x16 Bolt m2x16_bolt.png
M2.5 Nut m2.5_nut.png
M2.5x12 Bolt m2.5x12_bolt.png
M2.5x20 Bolt m2.5x20_bolt.png
M3 Nut m3_nut.png
M3 Nylock Nut m3_nylock.png
M3 Split Lock Washer Used with M3x8 Low Head Bolts to attach Spider Mounting Plate to Y Carriage m3_split_lock_washer.png
M3 Washer m3_washer.png
M3x8 Bolt m3x8_bolt.png
M3x8 Low Head Bolt Used with M3 Split Lock Washer to attach Spider Mounting Plate to Y Carriage m3x8_lowhead.png
M3x12 Bolt m3x12_bolt.png
M3x14 Bolt m3x14_bolt.png
M3x16 Bolt m3x16_bolt.png
M3x16 Flat Heat Bolt Used on the HBP to attach the thermistor m3x16_flat_head_bolt.png
M3x18 Bolt m3x18_bolt.png
M3x20 Bolt m3x20_bolt.png
M3x22 Bolt m3x22_bolt.png
M3x25 Bolt m3x25_bolt.png
M3x30 Bolt m3x30_bolt.png
M3x35 Bolt m3x35_bolt.png
M3x40 Bolt m3x40_bolt.png
M4 Nut m4_nut.png
M4 Nylock Nut m4_nylock.png
M4 Shoulder Bolt Used in the filament drive as a shaft for the idler bearing m4_shoulder_bolt.png
M4 Washer m4_washer.png
M4x8 Bolt m4x8_bolt.png
M4x12 Bolt m4x12_bolt.png
M4x16 Bolt m4x16_bolt.png
M4x18 Bolt m4x18_bolt.png
M4x30 Bolt m4x30_bolt.png
M4x50 Hex Cap Bolt Used in the Z stage to activate the Z endstop m4x50_hex_cap_bolt.png
M5 Nut m5_nut.png
M5 Washer m5_washer.png
M5x22 Bolt m5x22_bolt.png
M6 Nylock Nut m6_nylock.png
M6 Washer m6_washer.png
M6 Idler Bolt Installed in Top Plate and Z stage to hold Idler Bearings for X and Y axes m6_idler_bolt.png

Machined Parts

Machined Parts
Part Name Notes Part Render
M2 Frame M2_frame.png
Bottom Clamp bottom_clamp.png
Spider When the glass bed is mounted, the three spider mount screws are at (102.1,77.5), (102.1,177.5) and (152.1,127.5) with the front left corner of the glass at (0,0). spider.png
Spider Mounting Plate spider_mounting_plate.png
Top Clamp top_clamp.png
Top Plate top_plate.png
Z Stage z_stage.png