M2 Lubrication

Maintenance for the M2 can be broken down into three main categories, based on required frequency: per print, once per week (or after 50 hours of printing), once per month (or after 200-250 hours of printing).

Per print

Observe first layer for signs of unlevel bed, and inspect bed surface

Weekly/50 hours

Check that the bed is level with the normal procedure (raise bed to within 1mm of nozzle, move bed forward and back while observing gap, adjust if necessary; return nozzle to center of bed and move left and right, observing gap, and again, adjust if necessary)

Check that the Z endstop activates at the correct location - ~75% of first layer height, or 0.15mm

Check that the bed print surface is free of defects (torn or bubbled tape, etc.) and dust/dirt/grease; replace tape or clean surface with appropriate cleaner (rubbing alcohol diluted to 50%/50% water recommended)

Monthly/200-250 hours

Check that the X and Y belts are the correct tension - with the bed or extruder at the opposite end of travel from the motor, pinch the belt together ~1 inch (25mm) from the edge of the motor drive pulley; it should be possible to pinch it completely together, but difficult

Check that the fans and fan guards are free of dust and filament debris, and clean if necessary

Clean the X and Y linear rails, and the Z leadscrew, then apply a fresh coat to each - a very light coating of sewing machine oil in each of the long grooves on the X and Y rails, and a dot of lithium grease in four consecutive troughs of the Z leadscrew; once applied, move that axis through its full travel multiple times to spread the grease. If you have one of the newer black Z motors, which has a plastic nut on the lead-screw do not apply grease. Check for and remove any built up up dust or other contaminants.

Clean and wipe the Z axis rods with sewing machine or 3 in 1 oil.

Check the filament surface and filament drive for dust, and clean if necessary.

Check the entire frame, especially the bottom corners, for dust, and clean if necessary Y linear rails.

Check for wear any place filament contacts regularly: The guide above the spool, the top of the filament drive, the drive gear and the nozzle.