M2 Sample Prints

Sample prints:

To make downloading faster, these files have been compressed using 7-Zip and will need to be decompressed before putting them on your SD card.

M2e demo files:


These files were originally distributed with older M2s. These files should not be used with M2e and newer printers as they will cause the bed level offset to change to an incorrect value.

There are four files in the M2Demo folder, on the included SD card.

TALLHEX.G is an in-house test print, to test the build quality of tall
objects. It also ends up being a very attractive, simple vase X)

BIGFOOT.G is an artistic bust of Sasquatch, modeled by our very own

BRACELET.G is a customized bracelet with our name on it, derived from
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8488 .

GLIDER.G is from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:22268.

TALLTHIN.G is a demo print that produces the same tall, thin, hexagonal structure that arrived with your printer. This copy employs some overrides to older firmware settings to get a fast, and smooth print. The model for this print is TALLTHIN.STL which was sliced in Simplify3d

All files are ready to print - heat up the bed to 60C, then the
nozzle to 215ºC, click SD, SD Print, and pick your print. Note for kit builders: All files start by homing the axes, so please do not attempt the sample prints before installing and testing the endstops.